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Welcome to The Candle Academy Online Courses !


To register for a course you can pay directly on this site adding your full name and location. With these courses you pay as you go with no obligation to purchase the complete courses.


If you continue to pay as you go your obligation with the courses is to submit photos and test answers and payments exactly one month after receiving the previous course. I am very strict on this and any student that fail to meet deadlines will automatically be removed from the course.


 At present, we have a large amount of online students and it's my job to keep

them organised and make sure each student gets the required attention.

 The other reason for submissions each month is that after years of being a teacher this time frame for learning purposes has proven to work.

If you are not an existing candle maker I give a six week window for you to purchase all supplies and be set up before continuing each month with the courses.


All test answers need to be shown under the questions asked of which you can copy and paste.

All photo submissions need to be exactly as asked. Any individual's creative ideas can be submitted when asked for in the course. Photos can be dressed in background and foreground to compliment the candle.

Most questions need to be submitted at the end of each course however if you are stuck on a specific subject you may submit questions before.

Practice and patience are key with this course and as it's all hands on how to use it, as a read through doesn't work.


We hope you truly enjoy the creative and profitable world of candle design !


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