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''How To Start A Profitable Candle Business                             for under 500 usd''

ONLY £20

How to start a profitable candle business

✔ Opening your own shop

 Logos and Name Branding

 Internet Presence


✔ Training staff

✔ Manufacturing

✔ Pricing

✔ Why this is a lucrative business

✔ All equipment info and contacts

✔ How to set up your studio

✔ Video tutorials on candle making

✔ Candle Formulas

✔ Photographing

✔ Creating a Website

For anyone interested in starting Candle Design for a hobby or a lucrative business, this E-book is a great introduction to learning exactly how to do it. The book contains all the information you will need to enter the profession of Candle Making.

Buy Today and receive a 15 minute Free Skype consultation with one of the                                                           worlds leading designers

Price 20usd

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If after purchasing the E-book you decide to take the first online interactive course, the e-book price will be credited toward your class.

¨Candle design is taking an ordinary object and making it extraordinary with commercial appeal. Once we have discovered the infinite possibilities of working with wax we are only limited by our imagination.¨ 

Gary Simmons 

One of the worlds leading candle makers shows his work at candle making courses
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