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Shama   India

Sofia   GREECE

Fatima Rashid   Pakistan
Radmilla  Russia
Ruxandra Sweden

LaGina     America


'Thank you Gary Simmons for the lessons learnt in your course. When I started I thought I would be making candles in containers and had no idea how much more there was and it opened my mind. A course rich in information and easy to learn even for a beginner.'

Deyvid, PORTUGAL 2020

'I was amazed at the creative possibilities candle making had to offer. Well taught.'

Radmilla / Russia

'A very inspirational course from A to Z.'

S. Bhatnager / India

'I never imagined that candle making could be so exciting and challenging the course is full of information and helpful tips.'

Y.Tran / Brazil

'The course is very interesting, and looking forward to continue...its informative and helpful, most of all from the first part of the course, I have learned some things that a few months ago didn't have an idea how it can be possible for me to do. Thanks to Gary Simmons.'

 J. Sultana / Malta

'I have been a candle maker for 14 years and felt stuck with no creativity. The courses right from the start enabled me to be inspired and much more creative. My existing customers bought my new designs right away.'

H. Auounsdottir / Iceland

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