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Q. Why would it be beneficial to go into business as a candle maker?

A. Candle making is a profitable profession. It enables you to work for yourself in a creative and lucrative business. Many of us spend a lifetime in a job we don’t like for the money. It is truly a gift to earn money in a creative proffession we enjoy doing.


Q. There are many videos on You Tube regarding candle making why do I need to pay someone to learn?

A. Learning a new proffession can be done through videos and books but as with any Trade it needs to be taught correctly with someone that is actively participating in that profession on a high level. It is one thing to learn candle making as a hobby and another to learn as a business.


Q. These courses seem to be expensive?

A. These courses are the most expensive offered today but for good reason they are also the most extensive available and are taught one on one with a designer that has been quoted as one of the top candle designers today.


Q. I understand I want to learn from a top designer but as a business is the price justified?

A. Most businesses take up to 3 years to return the initial investment and to go into a profit. This business has proven a return of investment in under 1 year. The initial start-up cost (below 700 euros) returns three fold in the amount of product that can be made.


Q. How many candles can you make a day?

A. This depends on how technical a candle is. From the start after the course it is possible for 1 person to produce up to 100 candles a day.


Q. What is the mark up on candles?

A. As with any product the manufacturer adds 100% to the costings and the wholesaler does the same. However if we are creating designs that are individual handmade and unique we are not governed by this formula. Candles that cost us 2 euros can be sold direct for up to 40 euros. People pay for creativity.


Q. My budget is small what type of space do I need to start?

A. Light is actually the most important thing. I know many top companies that literally started in a kitchen to a garage and could still produce volume.


Q. What justifies the difference in price between the On Line courses and attending The Academy?

A. There is no better way to learn a trade than being taught one on one, hands on. However the On Line course has the same curriculum and is interactive. I suggest this approach for people that live too far to be able to attend in person.


Q. I am not creative in the least?

A. Candle making is like being a chef in a kitchen, it’s all about timing, temperatures and formulas. These highly guarded formulas can take years to create yet can be taught in minutes. Once the individual knows the techniques their own creativity emerges.

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