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 The Most Extensive  Online Candle Education Available Today 

Price £100  Each

No obligation to purchase the complete set but each course must be taken by number order as they build upon the previous courses teaching.

The online candle making courses business set up you pay for each lesson one at a time. Each course is priced at £100 and there are ten courses. Each e mail is packed with all the information you need including approx. 10 candle formulas per e mail. These are the most expensive online courses available for good reason. When you complete the course you will have all the information to be able to manufacture for retail shops, make to order for interior design stores, hotels, restaurants, weddings, event company’s, gift shops etc or your own store.


You have the option to stop after each course if you wish, however it is in both of our interests that you complete the course and it is important to me that after each stage I get feedback from you before we progress and I e mail the next lesson.


The Most Extensive  Interactive Courses Available Today 

 All courses require photos of work along with test answers before progressing to the next stage.

Even existing candle makers  need to take the course in order as it is extensive from the beginning.



✔ Perfume and test burning

✔ Willow lanterns


Hollow spheres

Square lanterns

Wax vases

Objects in candles

Exterior garden pots

Textured finishes

Advanced colour techniques

All basic information on candle          making

Setting up the workspace

Product requirements


Working with wax on water

Marble candles

Solder finish, hot pours, cold pours

Textured Finishes

Silhouette candles

Sculpting with wax.

Test questions



ONLY £100

ONLY £100



Earth candles

Earth vases

Textured wall art

Oxydation techniques

Coral candles

Steel candles

Bronze candles

ONLY £100



Working with ice

Double pours


Cold layered pours

Capucino candles

Extra cold pours

Snow balls

Working with colour

Special Effects

ONLY £100



 Objects in candles

Objects through candles

Creating vessles

Wood finishes

Wax wall art

Hard carving

Ancient finishes

Working with natural objects

ONLY £100



Outdoor candles

✔ Working with Veneer

Casting on objects

✔ Sculpting wax on glass

✔ Wax chip finishes

✔ Hand cutting techniques

✔ Metal vases

✔ Sculpting with additives

ONLY £100



✔ Illumination effects

Wick decoration

Painting with wax

Flower lanterns

Large vessles

Coral lanterns

Drawing on candles

ONLY £100



Advanced design techniques

On courses 1 to 4


ONLY £100



✔ Advanced design techniques

✔ On courses 5-7

✔ Complete

✔ How to design your own range

ONLY £100



The business of candle making

Logos and name branding

Internet presence


Trade shows



Training staff

Graduation certificate

ONLY £100

For the Complete Set!


The complete set of courses is now discounted for a short time at 50% off at 500 euros. When students pay as they go they have 1 month to complete each course and make submissions. When you purchase the complete set there are no time limits this way you learn the same way but on your time. 10 Classes

ONLY £500

10 Courses PDF files and HD video

Contains complete set of courses

All info on studio set up

All product contacts

Free 15 min Skype consultation

Current marketable designs

More formulas

Test Questions

Interaction with teacher

Six month follow up e-mail support

All info on manufacturing and marketing

No time limits


"My main objective in these Online Courses are two fold. The first is to introduce the many possibilities this medium has to offer with full comprehension of every technique and inspiring each student with the creative ability. The second is a full understanding of the business opportunities available in this field. With over 20 years of experience and extensive, constant research all techniques are kept current and marketable. Once all courses are learnt and the student graduates there are no other books or courses necessary it is that complete"




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The success of my on line candle making courses are because they are interactive unlike so many other online courses. I don’t just send you the information hoping that is enough. At the end of each paid course I expect photos of what you have made and a written test to be completed before we move on to the next course.


You will have a list of what products you need to purchase so you have everything ready to make my designs. The price for you to do this should be around 400 euros which will include everything to create the candles for the complete online course. You will also have enough product to make stock which will balance the startup cost. This way it is like you are at my Academy and learn the same way. If you want to learn a new business you need to learn everything properly this will save you money in the long term. With this online course you will find it as extensive as attending one of our seminars. I have structured it in the same way. It starts with the basics and progresses to more complicated techniques as we go along.


The mark up on candles is considerable as the product cost is low, people are paying for designs that are unique.  It is an incredibly enjoyable, profitable and creative business to be in. Different candle makers have different ways of doing things. The most important thing is to create an original, marketable candle that will sell, be of good quality and of course burn correctly. How you get there doesn’t matter there is no right or wrong way. Once the basics are learnt this incredibly creative business is only limited by your imagination. Candle making is like being a chef it is all about timing and being organized. The one thing to remember is that you can never rush a candle. Sometimes mistakes can become new designs or one creation evolves into another.


All of the techniques you find here have been created by years of working with wax and the many possibilities it has to offer to the creative mind. This medium can be utilized to look like wood, stone or metal in fact the textures and possibilities are endless. Candles today are not necessarily for burning they have become works of art to compliment one's living environment. People pay for originality. Creating original candles has been my profession as a top candle designer for many years. Once you have learnt candle design in time your designs will evolve and reflect the individual’s creativity. It is very important to me that every student is completely satisfied and it is on this premise that has made my school the Number One Candle School in Europe. For more information on my qualifications please google (gary simmons candles)





All payments for courses are accepted securely through Paypal of which we send you an invoice and instructions on how to pay if you haven’t got an account. You can also pay direct here


As this is an interactive course you will be required to submit photos and test answers in a timely fashion.


You can cancel after each course but if you continue you will have one month to complete the course and re order the next.


We give 6 weeks after the first course to enable you to get setup before you need to order the next.


All formulas are the property of Gary Simmons/ The Candle Academy and are not allowed to be resold in any way. Courses are taught for learning the business of manufacturing  not teaching.


If you agree to these terms please let us know and we shall forward further details.


I look forward to having you as a student.



Best Regards



Gary Simmons





0033 684508436

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