Candle Making Courses offers the most Extensive One-on-One Education and Interactive Online Education available today taught by one of the Worlds leading designers, Gary Simmons. If the art of Candle making has ever been of interest to you, or you wish to start your own Candle business, you have come to the right place !

Candlemakingcourses was established in 2008 and has taught thousands of people how to open their own successful businesses as seen on our testimonials page. 

Courses cover all waxes from high quality refined paraffin wax to 100% natural waxes for containers including soy wax and essential oils.


Numerous individuals attempt to learn the art of candle making themselves through various online websites such as YouTube or candle forums instead of learning from a professional that is actively participating in the market on a high level.

Our Seminars are taught one-on-one in the Caribbean, along with Skype seminars conducted globally.


All workshops are taught one-on-one by one of the worlds leading designers for maximum individual attention. Included in the workshop price are:

Pick up and drop off at all airports, accommodation, candle samples, formulas, written and photo explanations and e-mail back up support.


Candle making courses presents informative and interactive Video Courses. We offer students a dynamic Online Learning experience with full HD videos and detailed formulas with current marketable designs and techniques. Here you get to interact with one of the worlds leading designers.

"My main objective in these Online Courses are two fold. The first is to introduce the many possibilities this medium has to offer with full comprehension of every technique and inspiring each student with the creative ability. The second is a full understanding of the business opportunities available in this field. With over 20 years of experience and extensive, constant research, all techniques are kept current and marketable. Once all courses are completed and the student graduates, there are no other books or courses necessary. It is that complete."

Gary Simmons


Our Skype Seminars are for Students that are too far to attend the academy but prefer face to face education over online documentation. You will get to work one-on-one with Gary Simmons from your studio to his. If you are not an existing candle maker we give you all contact details to purchase equipment so you are set up and ready to go !


Gary has been painting with wax for the past 7 years and during that time has developed this medium into a viable art form. He has now had art exhibitions in London, Monaco, Cannes, Antibes, Dubai and Los Angeles. The work met with great interest and sold very well. From then on, it went on to being shown in top interior design showrooms in Cannes and London.


For anyone interested in starting Candle Design as a hobby or a lucrative business, this E-book is a great introduction to learning exactly how to do it. The book contains all the information you will need to enter the profession of candle making and includes a free 15 minute Skype consultation with Gary Simmons.





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